Greetings from the Chairman and the President

We at Shino-Test will continue to play our part in the development of medicine in the 21st century and so contribute to the health of society.

代表取締役会長 塚田遙、代表取締役社長 塚田聡

Shino-Test was established in 1951 as the world's first company to manufacture and commercially distribute clinical diagnostic kits.

While virtually all diagnoses in modern day medicine rely on clinical testing, it would not be an overstatement to say that such tests were extremely rare half a century ago.

Our company has since responded to the numerous needs arising from medical settings. We have gained the trust of the medical community by strictly adhering to QMS (Quality Management System) – the core basis of manufacturing medical supplies. By conducting rigorous quality control, we have established ourselves as one of the leading companies in the field of biochemical laboratory testing. In addition, we are expanding our business to immunology and genetic testing.

Shino-Test firmly believes that being united under the concept of Ichimai-iwa (monolithic) is vital, and we consistently strive to attend to our business as a unified team.

We also place great importance on keeping a friendly office atmosphere, allowing each employee to speak freely, thus staying true to our company credo "Speak Truth", as well as to the Japanese spirit of "Wa (和)", or harmony.

At Shino-Test, we will continue to manufacture clinical reagents to enable early diagnosis and aid therapy. By utilizing our forte of being Ichimai-iwa, we sincerely hope to contribute to society through clinical testing.

Satoshi Tsukada

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